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What's this all about?

The Suggest-o-Matic was born out of a flippant comment made during one of Big in Japan's rehearsals. The initial idea was to grab random article names from Wikipedia and use them as suggestions. I wrote it like that at first, but fearing legal reprisals, I re-wrote it a different way. It now creates improv suggestions by vigorously rubbing together a large list of adjectives and a large list of nouns. The resulting combination is usually more or less good enough to use as a suggestion for a longform improv set.

Why do we need this?

We don't. The human brain is infinitely better than a machine as a suggestion-generator. But in the absence of any genuine human brains, this website will do just fine. BTW, you're welcome.


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Brought to you by Kevin Thom, Big in Japan, Revel Theatre Collective and the joy of being random.